Entry Fee Amount & Payment

The entry fee for All Groups and Categories is:
– Fee for professional competitors/drivers – € 50 (fifty euro)
– Fee for non-professional competitors/drivers – € 20 (twenty euro)

The entries fees should to be paid before the as follows:

1. By bank transfer
Please find below the bank details for the payment:
Klubi i Automobilit te Shqiperise
UNION BANK – Address: Blv. “Zogu I”, përballë Stacionit të Trenit, Tirana, Albania:
IBAN Code: AL73214111060111109525020127

2. Cash
The competitors/drivers could pay the entry fee to the Secretariat office at the Hotel Panorama premises during the Administrative Checks.

Note: referring to the Supplementary Regulations, Point 6.7 an entry shall only be accepted if it is completed by the entry fee and received by the deadline set in Article 6.1.